Balaton Riviera E-Bike Terrain Tour

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  Tour Operator  Balaton Bike Tours


 3 hours 

  27 km



Everything an ebike tour can offer: forest adventure, beautiful vantage points, gliding along a stream and a light artisanal syrup at the end.

As with all sports activities, here too we start with the warm-up, we travel on asphalt along the old Roman road. Passing through Csopak, we looked into the garden of the local watermill, many of them used to serve the locals, today some of them serve the tourists.

Crossing over to Balatonfüred, we start to climb, in the direction of Mount Tamás, which rises above the town. From there, the tour follows forest paths. The Jókai lookout point is not easy to reach, so we will walk part of the way. However, the view is not everyday, so it is worth taking a breather.

Leaving the lookout behind us, we wind along forest roads and approach our next elevation. The special feature of the Noszlopy Gáspár lookout is of course the panorama, we are surrounded by only forest all around.

We carefully cross road 73 and then reach the Király well, where we can refresh ourselves. One of the most beautiful rolls of the tour goes along the stream, in the direction of Lovas. Then, returning to Római út, we can enjoy our well-deserved craft syrup on the Homola Wine Terrace.

Tour Information

Cost From

Guided   HUF 14000


  • Tour organization and tour guiding
  • Premium electric bike use
  • BBT SAFE insurance during the tour (technical problem, accident and liability insurance)
  • Artisan syrup with soda on the Homola Wine Terrace


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