Vertigo Biking

  La Paz

Vertigo Biking Co. is an adventure tourism company established in Bolivia and operates under the license of HONEY TOURS & TRAVEL issued by the government of the city of La Paz fulfilling all the legal requirements of a tourism operator.

We have been in the Bolivian market for 9 years offering the biking tour in the famous DEATH ROAD, having an excellent approval and recommendation of a large percentage of the tourists that have accompanied us during all these years, besides being a reference in safety and prevention of possible accidents since we have the most complete rescue equipment in the market and we have original equipment, original brake pads (not riveted) and it is our company's policy to avoid the use of any equipment that does not have international certification or is falsified or highlighted, especially in our Helmets.

Their guides are well trained in first aid in the case of minor accidents and also trained in rescue in case of major accidents. These guys train and participate in downhill races and are expert mechanics in case the group needs assistance. They operate with one guide for every five people on the tour, and have a support vehicle that goes behind everyone with a first aid kit, rescue team, big bottle of water and your belongings.

Our full suspension bikes have hydraulic disk brakes; we use certified and recognized components in the field to guarantee the best of the experiences in the biking tour. We invite you to be part of the adventure and feel the adrenaline with VERTIGO BIKING.

Death Road Ride


 1 days 

  64 km  (~64km per day)




Prices from


Bs 480

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