Silk Route

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  Tour Operator  TDA Global Cycling

  China,  Georgia,  Kazakhstan,  Kyrgyzstan,  Mongolia,  Tajikistan,  Türkiye & Uzbekistan

 114 days (Bike: 83 days)

  9135 km  (~110km per day)

Ride any or all of 7 stages


 Mixed on/off-road



Join this self-powered caravan through ancient Asian empires along the world’s most famous trading route

Our self-powered caravan begins in Beijing, China, the political and cultural centre of China and crosses mysterious lands, fiery deserts, and forbidding mountains. Almost 20 weeks later riders will arrive in Istanbul, the majestic capital of Byzantium, the Roman Empire, the Ottomans and now the Republic of Turkey. The route follows the Silk Road northwest before dropping back south in Central Asia. Included are visits to destinations definitely off the beaten track - the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan where we will climb to over 4600 meters and cycle across the 'Roof of the World' and distant Mongolia, where riders will cycle along ancient trading routes through the vast steppes and meet the country's nomadic people, experiencing their age-old traditions.

Silk Route participants will ride to the mystical Central Asian cities of Samarqand, Bukhara and Khiva, and camp amongst the stunning meadows, rivers and peaks of Kyrgyzstan. There are points where quietness pervades and where the original travellers of the Silk Route seem to be just beyond the next hill, beckoning cyclists further along this arduous trek. Time and time again, riders will be amazed at the layers of history emerging from the sand, shake their heads at all that has been lost and take heart from all that is being preserved and created. Each group of Silk Route riders will be enriched by an intricate knowledge of ancient lands crossed and the inspiration that comes from sharing a grand adventure with new friends and fellow nomads.


  • Mongolia's Gobi Desert & Steppes
  • Tajikistan's Pamir Highway
  • Silk Road cities of Central Asia
  • Cycle down the Bosphorus into amazing Istanbul

Tour Information





Cost From

Guided   US$ 32900


June 19, 2025


  • 62 Nights in hotels - 51 Nights of camping
  • Most dinners
  • Most breakfasts
  • All roadside lunches
  • Afternoon soup on riding days
  • Experienced chef
  • Vehicle to carry your bags
  • Experienced tour leader
  • Sweep rider
  • Security as needed
  • Bike mechanic
  • Medic
  • Local support
  • Tour jersey
  • Commemorative tour medal
  • Celebratory final dinner
  • Pre-tour information bulletins
  • Pre-tour rider discussion forum


  • Registration fee $150 USD
  • Flights required during the tour (Ulaanbaatar to Almaty, Khiva to Tblisi)


  • Ride the full Silk Route or one or more sections
  • We recommend a mountain or touring bike with one set of 35-40c tires and one set of 45-50c tires
  • Full tour entry fees will receive an early payment discount of US$1000 if full payment is received 6 months before the start of the tour.
  • Those coming for multiple sections get 10% off for 2 or more sections on the same tour (multiple section discount does not apply to full tour price).
  • TDA alumni get special alumni discounts.


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