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  Wales, United Kingdom
  Isle of Anglesey

Explore Anglesey

Green Lane Bike Tours is the embodiment of a daydream by Eli Elis-Williams, who conceived the idea and decided to make it real! They are assisted by a number of experienced freelance cyclists.

Eli learnt to ride a bike as an adult and has cycled practically all the back roads of Anglesey over recent years. She also volunteers as a British Cycling Breeze Champion, and is insured through British Cycling.

We are the only company who can take you on a day-long guided bike tour on Anglesey. We just felt that there were so many amazing places to visit on Anglesey, and that many of them were not that well-known. Our solution is to provide a guided bike tour to some of these places, providing a unique and unusual thing to do.

Prehistoric Anglesey

  United Kingdom

 6 hours 

  14 mi


 Mixed on/off-road


Prices from


£ 42

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