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This unguided ride starts and finishes from the Gannet Beach Adventures site at 475 Clifton Road, Clifton, Te Awanga, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand - no need for you to cart bikes all over the countryside. Turn right when you hit the beach then you’ve got about 9km (18km return) of cycling along a sandy, gravelly and sometimes rocky beach. There could be waves and it’s up to you whether to avoid them... sometimes you might not have any choice...

You’ll cycle next to striking cliffs showing the different geology and you'll see evidence of massive earthquakes which have shaped New Zealand. You’ll see different species of birds and depending on the time of year maybe a seal or a penguin, or a dolphin or an orca out to sea. Towards the end of the beach you’ll come across our amazing Gannet Colonies. This is a nature trip with a bit of exercise and fun thrown in, total return trip time (including the walk to the Plateau Gannet Colony) is approximately 3.5 – 4 hours. Most days the beach is a fun ride, other days it’s a bit rough and not for the faint hearted…..enjoy the ride!

If you think this ride might be a bit much for you, we highly recommend you give these guys a look They’ve been taking people out on their tractors and trailers since 1952, it’ll be easier on your body and on top of that they’re good people.

Bike tour: The Gannet Ride

The Gannet Ride

  New Zealand

 4 hours 



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NZ$ 85

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