Bike & Wine Along Carmelo

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  Tour Operator  Bike Tours Uruguay


 3 days 

  80 km  (~27km per day)


 Mixed on/off-road

Enjoy the aromas. Our invitation is to enter the historic city of Carmelo and discover the Green Field senses of the area.

This is the proposal from Bike Tours Uruguay. We will ride along the most important wineries and history of the vineyards. Being hosted by their owners, who will be the ones to open the doors to their hospitality and make your stay memorable.

Bike Tours Uruguay invites you to join this Bike & Wine tour that will awaken your senses and make the trip unforgettable.

Together with Carmelo Wineries we want to guide you to this unique experience.

Tour Information


  • Bikes,
  • Helmets,
  • Vests,
  • Water,
  • Optional guide


  • Option 1: Lodging + breakfast + dinner + box of 6 bottles of Wine Tannat Campotinto Reserve
  • Option 2: Lodging + breakfast + wine tasting
  • Extra activities: Picnics (Wine & Cheese or Gourmet)


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