Classical Greece - The Ultimate Odyssey Bike Tour

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 11 days (Bike: 8 days)

  291 mi  (~36mi per day)




Our hallmark program since 1979!

White marble columns, gnarled olive trees, turquoise blue skies, and radiant sunsets are reflections of Greece. Archaeological monuments reflect Greece's glorious past. Donkeys, sheep, and goats remind us of a simpler age that cherishes village life and generous hospitality.

The Greek people, culture, and climate are all excellent reasons for joining this tour; in addition, our former participants have been especially intrigued with Greece's history, archaeology, and modern culture. If experience counts, Classic Adventures cannot be surpassed in terms of experience in Greece. Classic Adventures founder Dale Hart, has guided excursions to Greece since 1973. Greece continues to be a central part of our tour menu.

Our route avoids the difficult mountains and Athens traffic. Many rides follow the coast. Beginning cyclists in good physical shape can negotiate this tour.

(For those who want more challenge, we always offer a few optional climbs.)

The beautiful Island of Zakinthos with its lovely beaches, intricate network of roads, and friendly people, is a highlight of this tour.


  • Archeological sites of Mycenae and Nemea
  • Pan Hellenic Games
  • Theater at Epidauros
  • Acrocorinth
  • Poseidon Palace
  • Island of Zakinthos
  • The Zakinthos shipwreck
  • Keri sea caves
  • Hotel Europa
  • Alphios River
  • Ancient Olympic Stadium
  • Museum at Olympia
  • Nauplion

Both flat and rolling sections. (A few challenging options are offered.) This ride is open to all abilities and is fully supported by tour van.

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New Corinth

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Single Supplement



  • Trek bicycle, fully equipped for touring. (Odometer, trunk bag, map case, lock, pump etc.)
  • all breakfasts, 8 dinners; wine with most dinners
  • Olympia to Corinth transfer,
  • Lodging in Luxury A class hotels (4 and 5 star)
  • Support vehicle for transporting luggage, equipment, snacks, drinks, and overall assistance.
  • Detailed maps, route descriptions, and cultural information on a daily basis.
  • Friendly and experienced multi-lingual guide and assistant.
  • Expert bicycle mechanics.


  • Different route options most days
  • eBikes


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