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North America, with its vast and varied landscapes, beckons cyclists and travellers to embark on an extended bike tour that goes beyond the ordinary. These meticulously organised adventures promise an immersive experience, allowing riders to connect with the continent's rich tapestry of cultures and environments. Here we explore a diverse selection of epic bike tours of more three weeks in duration, inviting cyclists to pedal through the breathtaking scenery of this vast continent.

North-South routes:

Pacific Coast Expedition (Canada to Mexico):

Stretching over 4,000 kilometers, the Pacific Coast route is a cyclist's dream and a must for those seeking a blend of nature and culture.. This coastal journey offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, traversing towering redwood forests of California and riding through quaint coastal towns.

Appalachian Trail Ride (Georgia to Maine):

While traditionally a hiking trail, adventurous cyclists can tackle approximately 3,500 kilometers with a challenging mix of off-road terrain, forested trails, and scenic mountain vistas along this iconic trail in the natural beauty of the eastern United States.

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (Canada to New Mexico):

For mountain biking enthusiasts, this is an epic adventure spanning over 4,400 kilometers through the Rocky Mountains and vast expanses of the American West. Starting in Banff, Canada, and winding down to the Mexican border, cyclists tackle high-altitude passes, alpine meadows, and rugged terrain, all while enjoying breathtaking panoramic views.

The Mississippi River Trail (USA):

Following the iconic Mississippi River, this bike tour spans over 3,000 kilometers from its headwaters in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana. The route takes cyclists through charming river towns, historic sites, and the scenic beauty of the Mississippi Delta, providing a unique perspective on the cultural and natural heritage of the region.

Alaska to Argentina Pan-American Highway:

The Pan-American Highway is the ultimate North American adventure, covering over 25,000 kilometers from the Arctic Ocean to southern Argentina. Cyclists traverse the entire length of the Americas, witnessing the rugged wilderness of Alaska, the diverse landscapes of Central America, and the breathtaking beauty of the Andes.

East-West routes:

Trans-America Trail (East Coast to West Coast):

Covering approximately 6,800 kilometers, the Trans-America Trail takes cyclists from Virginia to Oregon. This coast-to-coast journey showcases the diverse landscapes of the United States, from the historic sites of the East Coast to the majestic mountains of the Rockies and the scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Trans-Canada Adventure (Vancouver to St. John's):

Covering a staggering 7,000 kilometers, the Trans-Canada route takes cyclists from the Pacific to the Atlantic in a testament to the vastness and diversity of Canada.. Starting in Vancouver, riders traverse the expansive Canadian landscape, passing through the Rocky Mountains, the Prairies, and the rugged beauty of the Canadian Shield, before reaching the picturesque shores of the Atlantic Ocean in St John's.

The Southern Tier (Florida to California):

Crossing the southern United States, the Southern Tier route covers approximately 4,200 kilometers from St. Augustine, Florida, to San Diego, California. Cyclists pedal through diverse landscapes, from the sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast to the arid deserts of the Southwest, experiencing the cultural richness and geographical variety of the southern states.

The Northern Tier (Washington to Maine):

Across the United States near the Canadian border, the Northern Tier begins at sea level and offers large expanses of mountains, the Great Plains, and some beautiful farmland areas in between.

Other routes:

The Great Lakes Loop (United States and Canada):

Circling the Great Lakes, this scenic route covers approximately 6,500 kilometers, taking cyclists through the heart of North America. Starting and ending in Chicago, riders navigate the shores of Lakes Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario, witnessing the stunning landscapes, charming small towns, and vibrant cities that dot the region.

The Canadian Maritimes Coastal Route (Eastern Provinces)::

Exploring the eastern edge of North America, this route covers approximately 3,500 kilometers through the Canadian Maritimes. Starting in Halifax, cyclists journey through picturesque landscapes, coastal cliffs, and historic fishing villages, immersing themselves in the maritime culture and hospitality of the Atlantic provinces.

North America's diverse and expansive terrain offers a plethora of options for cyclists seeking extended bike tours, each one presenting a unique adventure. These journeys not only test the cyclist's mettle but also offer an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the diverse and captivating landscapes of North America. So, saddle up, embrace the open road, and let the adventure unfold as you pedal through the wonders of this diverse continent.

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